Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Text to Columns

  • 'Text to Columns' allows you to split data in cells to different columns based on a delimiter. This is quite useful when you want to split data in 1 column to multiple columns. For example, splitting a column contain Full Name to two columns containing First Name and Last Name. In this case, the delimiter would be given as space.
  • This option is available under the Data tab. Select the range of cells you want to split and then click on the 'Text to Columns' button under the Data tab in the toolbar.
  • This dialog will also be shown automatically when you paste data from an external application, provided it spans multiple rows and appears to be delimited by a character other than the tab character. This option is very useful when you paste a bunch of data (comma-separated data for example) from an external application.
  • It provides various options like choosing 1 or more delimiters, specifying an enclosing character, choosing the destination cell, etc., and it also provides a live preview that updates as you change the settings.
  • You can also set the format of each of the columns detected. If you have a date column, you could also set the date format (DMY/MDY), which is quite important specifically when you are pasting from an external application. You could also set the locale of the data being pasted, as there could be differences in the way thousand separators, decimal places are represented in different locales.

Filter Improvements:

  • We have enhanced our Auto Filter functionality. You can now additionally filter by cell color or text color.
  • Because of these additional options, we have also redesigned the Filter interface and have made it more compact.
  • You could now right click on a cell and then add/apply a Filter based on the cell value, cell color or text color. You could also reapply the filter after making edits or clear the filter. These options are also available in the Filter submenu on the toolbar as well.

Range Selector Component:

  • We have now made it easier to select/input ranges in our dialogs. You would see an icon placed next to the text field that asks for a cell / range. Clicking on that icon will collapse the dialog to a small size with just the input for the range. This component is typically called the Range Selector or Range Picker or in some cases even RefEdit. You could select the desired range in your spreadsheet and then press the icon again or hit enter to return to the dialog.
  • You could also try selecting the range directly when the focus is on that field without needing to click the icon. In this case, the dialog will automatically shrink to avoid being in your way of the selection. When the selection is done, you would automatically return back to the dialog with the selected range filled in.
  • Wherever we ask for a range such as in Insert Chart, Define Name, Audit Trail (Filter by Range), Show Published Ranges, Conditional Formatting, etc., you will see this option available.

General Improvements:

  • We have also made incremental improvements with respect to Performance, specifically loading a spreadsheet. We will continue to make further improvements in this area.
  • Apart from the above features and improvements, numerous bug fixes have gone into this update.
Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Notify Collaborators:

  • You can now notify collaborators via email right from within the spreadsheet editor. Imagine that you have shared your spreadsheet with your co-workers and have asked them to fill in some data. And after a few days, they still haven't filled in the data. You can use this 'Notify Collaborators' to send an email right from within our application reminding them to fill in the required data.
  • 'Notify Collaborators' is available under the Share tab. It is available for both the owner of a document as well as to those with whom it has been shared.
  • An owner of a document can notify all collaborators or specific people. A collaborator can notify all other collaborators / specific people / owner / owners & co-owners.
  • The receipients will receive an email with the subject and message you provide. It will also contain a direct link to the document enabling them to access it quickly and perform the required task.

Save to Folder:

  • Zoho Docs has good folder management capabilities. But they weren't fully exposed within the spreadsheet editor. Now you can easily save your files right from within the editor.
  • To save (basically 'move') a file to an existing folder, hover your mouse over the file name field at the top and click on the Folder icon that appears. This will open a pop-up that lists your folder tree. Select the target folder and hit Done.
  • You can now rename the file inline by directly clicking on the name of the file displayed at the top.
Monday, December 16, 2013

Revamped Version History:

  • We have revamped our Version History interface to help you identify what changes have gone into each version and who has made those changes. This becomes all the more essential when you work in a collaborative setup.
  • Version History is accessible from the 'File' menu as well as the 'Review' tab. The Version History opens up and docks to the right side of the spreadsheet helping you quickly switch between different versions.
  • In each version, the modified cells are highlighted using the color associated with each collaborator. The color of the collaborator is indicated in the Version History listing. You can turn off highlighting if you don't need it.
  • You can also view the Changelog of each version. Open the version you need and click on the 'Changelog' link available in the listing on the sidebar to view what edits have been done and by whom on that version.
  • We support creating a new version and labelling it for a long time now. You can now name and mark an older version as well. We retain all versions that have been created/named explicitly. Apart from these named versions, we store the 100 most recent versions that have been automatically created. You can filter the Version History by Named Versions or All Versions.

Audit Trail:

  • We have introduced the 'Audit Trail' functionality which is available from the 'Review' tab.
  • Using Audit Trail, you can view the recent 1000 edits that have been done on the spreadsheet. You can see what was changed and by whom.
  • Each edit in this listing has a link to the affected range and clicking on it will take you to that range in that particular version.
  • You can filter these edits by user or by date or by worksheet/range giving you more control of your spreadsheet.

Tab Colors:

  • You can now add color to your worksheet tabs. Use colors to quickly identify/highlight specific worksheets or to group similar worksheets together.
  • To use this functionality, right click on a worksheet tab, choose 'Tab Color' and set a color of your choice.
Monday, August 19, 2013

New Improved Toolbar:

  • We have revamped our toolbar design in this new version of Zoho Sheet. Refer this forum post for more information.
Thursday, July 04, 2013

Conditional Formatting Enhancements:

  • We have done some enhancements to our Conditional Formatting functionality. We have now changed the Create Rule and Manage Rules as separate sub-menus. The default click on the button will be to create a rule. You can open the drop down next to the button to access the Manage Rules functionality.
  • Managing Rules has now become easier. Deleting a rule (with up to 3 criterias) is now made simpler with the menu next to each rule. We also allow you to copy a rule and apply it to a different range.
  • You can now additionally set a strike-through format for your cells while defining the conditional format. This could be helpful for cases like a task management sheet where you want to strike a row when the task is closed.
Thursday, May 02, 2013

New Gray Theme:

  • Zoho Sheet now sports a gray theme in tune with Zoho Writer and Zoho Docs giving you a more standardized user experience.
  • With this we want to give more emphasis to the content and don't want to distract the user away from the content. We will keep refining it further.

Removal of the Save button:

  • With this release, we have removed the need for a Save button. We have revamped our application and changed the way we save data. All your edits are automatically saved. You need not worry that there is no save button because we have made the application much more reliable with this release.
  • As soon as you type the data in a cell and hit Enter or navigate to another cell, the changes will be saved. Applying formats, styles, etc are saved automatically. At the top, you will find a message indicating when the file was last saved at.

New Sharing Options:

  • With this release, we have introduced some new sharing options. If you are part of an organization account, you will be able to set the visibility of your spreadsheet to everyone in your organization. With this setting, you can allow anyone in your organization to edit the spreadsheet if you wish to or just provide view access to your spreadsheet.
  • There is another option to share your spreadsheets with people who do not have a Zoho account and optionally protect it with a password. Learn more about these options at http://www.zoho.com/docs/whatsnew.html.

Improved Realtime Collaboration:

  • We have revamped our collaboration architecture and the way we process your edits. We have made the application more robust to ensure no data is lost while collaborating. As mentioned before, edits are automatically saved.
  • Up to 50 users can collaborate simultaneously on a spreadsheet at any given point of time.

Spreadsheet Settings (Locale and Time Zone):

  • You now have the option of setting the locale settings of your spreadsheet. It is available under the File menu as Spreadsheet Settings. This setting will be used for all regional formats and behavior.
  • The Thousands separator and the Decimal separator will be displayed as per the locale.
  • Default currency will be as per the locale you set.
  • Date will be shown and interpreted as per the locale of your spreadsheet.
  • Series like Weekdays and Months will automatically be filled as per locale when you select a cell with one of these values and drag the fill handle down/across.
  • For some of the languages - German, French, Spanish and Polish - even the function names that you use in a formula will be in that particular language.
  • The Time Zone setting will be used for the NOW() and TODAY() functions. We already support this, just that we are exposing it better in this settings dialog.
  • All these settings are specific to that spreadsheet, irrespective of the user who is opening it.

Paste Special:

  • With Paste Special, you have different options that help you in copying data around without affecting the destination formats or transpose the columns to rows and vice-versa.
  • Here is the full list of options in Paste Special, which is available in the right click context menu: Paste All, Paste Values, Paste Formats, Paste Formulas, Paste Comments, Paste Values and Number Formats, Paste Formulas and Number Formats, Paste All Except Comments, Paste All Except Borders, Transpose Range.

Typeahead / Auto Completion:

  • Typeahead functionality (auto completion) is now available in Zoho Sheet. As you type in your cells, unique matching values from the adjacent cells in the same column will be shown automatically and you can either accept the auto-completion or ignore it and continue typing.
  • This is quite useful when you have a table with repeatable values in a column. For example, if you are maintaining your team's tasks in a spreadsheet. Fields like Status will have repeating values like Open, Closed, In Progress, etc. Owners would need to be repeated, and so are the Modules.
  • You can toggle Auto Completion ON/OFF using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Q. By default it is ON.

Learn more about these new features here.
Friday, November 23, 2012

Single URL for the Office Suite:

  • In a step to unify and showcase the office apps under one common web address, Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show will all be accessible from the Zoho Docs URL: http://www.zoho.com/docs.
  • As soon as you sign in to Zoho Docs, you will land at the Zoho Docs Explorer, which lists all your files. You can open your files from there, create new spreadsheets, or upload your existing spreadsheets. You can create folders and organize your files better. Learn more about Zoho Docs here.
Thursday, August 02, 2012

New User Interface:

  • Zoho Sheet now sports a new interface consistent with Zoho Writer and Zoho Show.
  • The most noticeable change will be with respect to the toolbar, which is a combination of Tabs, Menus and Toolbar. We call it 'MenuTab'.
  • We have removed the sidebar and instead we have a File Open dialog that lists your files complete with folders that you might have created in Zoho Docs.

Auto Filters:

  • Filters help you to filter your data and let you focus on specific segments of data. Go to the 'Data' tab, and click on 'Filter' to add a filter to your data table.
  • The filter drop down lists the first 100 unique values in your table. You can select the options by which you want to filter or you can use the 'Custom Filter' to define your own criteria.
  • You can filter by Text, Numbers and Dates.
  • For columns containing numbers, you can also filter by Top/Bottom N Items/Percentage.
  • You can filter on Multiple Columns.
  • You also have the ability to quickly sort the table by a particular column.
  • Functions like SUBTOTAL() have options to exclude hidden/filtered rows. These will be useful to calculate results based on the Filter you apply.

Conditional Formatting:

  • Zoho Sheet now has the ability to set conditional formats on your cells. Use the 'Conditional Formatting' button available under the 'Format' tab.
  • For any range, you can set up to 3 rules. When the value in the cell matches the condition you set, you can apply Foreground or Background colors and apply basic Font styles like Bold, Italic and Underline.
  • You can set Numeric conditions like <, >, =, between, etc.
  • For text cells, you can check for cells containing a particular substring, beginning with a substring, etc.
  • For date cells, you can define conditions to check if it falls in the next 7 days, last month, on or before a particular date, between 2 dates, etc.
  • You can check for cells containing blanks, errors, etc.
  • You can also define a formula and format cells when the formula on the cell content matches your criteria. This could be very powerful and could be used to color whole rows based on the value on a particular column. For example, you can define a formula criterion to color alternative rows of a table or to highlight rows if the date in one of the columns falls on a weekend and so on.

Format Cells:

  • You are no longer constrained with the predefined formats on our toolbar. You can now set advanced formats (number, date, currency, etc.) to your cells. Use the 'Format Cells' button available under the 'Format' tab or right click on your cell and select 'Format Cells'.
  • The various formats come under the following categories: General, Number, Currency, Date & Time, Percentage, Fraction, Scientific, Text, Regional and Custom.
  • You can format your cell the way you want. Apply your regional settings, set red color if the number is negative, specify leading zeros and so on.
  • Define your own custom format to display the value as per your need. You can use your custom format on your other spreadsheets as well.

Improved Printing Capability:

  • Zoho Sheet now lets you set basic settings before Printing. You can set the Paper size, Orientation, Margins, and you can include/exclude Gridlines, Images, Charts and Buttons.
  • You can view a preview of the pages in your sheet before Printing.
  • You also have the option of downloading the file as a PDF.
  • You can print specific parts of your spreadsheet by selecting the range you want to print and then invoke the Print command.
  • 'Print' command is available under the 'File' menu. It is also accessible via the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P / Cmd+P.


  • After supporting Goal Seek earlier this year, we now support another What-If analysis tool, Solver, which is used for Optimization.
  • Solver can be used, for example, to determine the best product mix in order to reap maximum profit given a set of constraints. Or it can be used to set an advertising budget and see the effect on the revenue.
  • 'Solver' tool is available under the 'Data' tab.

Find and Replace:

  • We previously supported the 'Find' command to locate the string you are looking for in your spreadsheet. Now we support 'Replace' as well.
  • 'Find and Replace' is available under the 'Review' tab and accessible via the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+F (for Find) and Ctrl+H (for Find and Replace). Mac users can use Cmd key instead of Ctrl key.
  • Find in whole workbook and Match entire cell are couple of new options we added recently.

Function auto-completion:

  • We have recently provided auto-completion for the formulas you type on your spreadsheet. We hope this will help you get your work done faster and at the same time help you in discovering new functions that you might need.
  • As soon as you type an = in a cell and start typing the function, you will be presented with a list of function that match with the characters that you are typing. A quick hint for each function is provided. Press tab/enter to accept the selected function from the suggestion. It then displays the arguments to be provided for the current function. You can also click on the Function name to refer to the syntax and description.
  • Even named ranges are listed while typing a formula. Named ranges are listed with a different icon to differentiate it from the function names.

Instant Sum, Average, Count, etc., on the status bar:

  • Previously you would have noticed the Sum value of the selected cells on the status bar. Now we support Sum, Average, Minimum, Maximum, Count and Count Numbers.
  • Based on the type of data on the selected cells, it will display the appropriate function. For example, if you select cells containing text, it will automatically show the Count. If you select numeric cells, it will show the Sum. You can also click on it and select what you want to see and it will remember that setting next time.

More Enhancements:

  • Remembering the active cell and scroll position of your worksheets:
    Zoho Sheet now remembers the active cell and scroll position of your worksheets. Each time you open your worksheet, it will take you to the last position you were on.
  • No Fill and Default Color:
    You can now select 'No Fill' to remove any fill color applied to a cell. Similarly you can remove any font color set to a cell/range by setting the 'Default Color' from the Text color drop down. This is quite useful in Conditional Formatting as well.
  • Easier copying to clipboard:
    Earlier, copying data (especially large data) to clipboard was a little difficult. You had to use separate options in the menu to copy and paste within the workbook and to paste outside of the workbook. Now you just have a single command to copy data to the clipboard and you can paste it on the same workbook (retaining formulas, formats) or paste it outside of the workbook (only values). You have Cut, Copy, Paste buttons on the toolbar, on the contextual menu and the shortcuts Ctrl+X (Cut), Ctrl+C (Copy) and Ctrl+V (Paste).
  • 'Click to Edit' on public spreadsheets have been removed:
    We have now removed the 'Click to Edit' buttons that were present on published spreadsheets. Now your visitors could directly click on the cell and type in data on your public / embedded spreadsheets.

Limitations and Withdrawal of functionality:

  • With this release we are removing support for Internet Explorer 6 and 7. If you are using any of these versions please upgrade to Internet Explorer version 8 or version 9. Alternatively you can use any of the recent releases of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.
  • Previously while importing a CSV file, we used to ask whether you want to keep it as a Tabular Data (for large spreadsheets, creating pivots, filtering data, etc) or a Normal Spreadsheet. We have now removed the Tabular Data option while importing as we already support large spreadsheets, creating Pivot tables from a Normal Spreadsheet, and now we have added support for filters as well. However, your existing Tabular Data spreadsheets will be retained as it is.
  • With this current release, you will be able to share whole spreadsheets (workbooks), but you won't be able to share individual worksheets. However, if you have already shared specific worksheets with others, it will continue to the work the same. We will bring this functionality back in a future update. We have also temporarily removed the notification email when a shared user modifies the spreadsheet.
  • We have removed the 'Comments' functionality on your spreadsheets. You can no longer leave a comment on the spreadsheet as a whole. However, you can add contextual comments to cells (available under the 'Review' tab and the context menu). Note: The comments that are already there on your spreadsheets will be retained.
Thursday, January 19, 2012

Format Painter:

  • Format Painter is used to copy formats from a cell / range to a different cell / range within the same workbook. Formats include styles like colors, fonts, borders, etc and also number formats like Date, Currency, Percent, etc.
  • The Format Painter icon is available on the toolbar next to the Redo icon. Select the range of cells from where you need to copy the format and click on the Format Painter icon once. The cursor changes to indicate that the Format Painter is on. You can then select the target range where you want to apply the format.
  • To copy a format to multiple ranges, first select the source range, double-click on the Format cells icon and then select your target ranges one after the other to apply the format copied. Once you are done, you can press the Escape key or click the Format Painter icon again to turn it off.

Vertical Merge:

  • Until now, you could only merge cells across. With this update, you can merge whole ranges, merge cells across as well as merge cells down. This helps you to format your spreadsheet and create tables the way you want.
  • This functionality is available from the Merge Cells icon in the toolbar and its corresponding drop down menu.

Goal Seek:

  • Goal Seek can be useful when you want to find out what input to give to a formula in order to get the desired output.
  • Goal Seek is available under the More menu in the toolbar. Provide the Formula Cell, Variant Cell and the Expected Result and Goal Seek will find out the corresponding input value for you.

Chart Enhancements:

  • You can now set the first row as label and the first column as label. This is very useful in cases where the first row/column is of number type and you want that row/column on the x-axis/y-axis.
  • You also have the provision to set the legend postion or turn it off.
  • Other minor improvements have been made, such as the default chart size, the colors used, the fonts used, etc.

Other Enhancements:

  • Horizontal scrolling on Mac OS:
    Horizontal scrolling on the Mac OS using the Apple Trackpad or the Apple Mouse is now supported.
  • Shortcut for Insert Row and Insert Column:
    We have added a new keyboard shortcut to help you quickly insert new rows/columns. To insert a new row or column on Firefox/Safari/Chrome browsers, select the row(s) / column(s) before which you need to insert and use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Plus. On Internet Explorer, the corresponding shortcut is Ctrl+Alt+Plus. Currently, there is not shortcut for this on Mac OS. View the full list of Keyboard Shortcuts here.
Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hyperlink Enhancements:

  • We have enhanced the Insert Hyperlink functionality. Apart from linking to a web page or an email, you can now link to a cell / cell range / named range / worksheet within the workbook.
  • Use the Hyperlink menu item in the right click context menu to insert a hyperlink in a cell. The shortcut to insert a hyperlink is Ctrl+K.
  • The HYPERLINK() function is also fully supported now.
Friday, September 16, 2011

Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • Leading and Trailing spaces in cells are now properly displayed.
  • While collaborating on a spreadsheet, if a user has one or more columns selected and if another user applies a format on a cell or a range, then that format is wrongly applied on the selected columns for the 1st user. This issue has now been fixed.
Monday, August 22, 2011

Array Formulas:

  • We now support Array Formulas. An array formula is a formula that can perform multiple calculations on one or more of the items in an array. Array formulas can return either multiple results or a single result.
  • To enter a multiple-result-array-formula, you will have to type the formula and then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.
  • Learn more about Array Formulas here.

Named Expression / Dynamic Named Ranges:

  • You can now assign a formula to a named range. This is quite useful when you want to shorten a formula, i.e, give a name to an expression or a nested formula and use this as part of several other formula cells.
  • This is also very useful when you want to create dynamic named ranges - ranges that grow automatically as you add data at the end. For this one can use the OFFSET() function for the named range.
  • Learn more about this here.

Repeat Last Action:

  • This is used to repeat the last action you performed on your spreadsheet using the keyboard shortcut F4. It is quite handy and helps you get the work done quickly. For example, let us assume you select a cell range and apply a fill color. You can then select another cell range (not necessarily of the same size) and press F4 to repeat the last action, i.e., the cell fill color.
  • You can repeat the following set of actions: Cell Styles, Cell Formats, Insert Row/Column, Delete Row/Column, Clear Contents, and Clear Formatting.

Insert Copied/Cut Rows and Columns:

  • You can now copy/cut a row or column and insert it at a different place in the workbook. This is useful when you want to move/copy rows and columns of data and insert it elsewhere.
  • Once you copy / cut a row or column, look for these menu items on the right click context menu and the Insert toolbar menu.
  • Since 'Insert Cells' is not supported, you can only insert copied/cut rows or columns and not cells.

Revamped VBA Macro Engine:

  • We have been supporting VBA macros for the past 3 years. We have now made a major revamp to our Macro execution engine. With this update, your macros will run faster than before. Your macros could run faster by upto 75% than before.
  • We now support referring to a Sheet module by its CodeName. Each worksheet is given a unique CodeName which will not change even if the worksheet is moved around or renamed. You can see the CodeName in the Spreadsheet Objects Explorer tree, when you open the VBA Editor (Alt+F11). You can invoke functions in other sheet modules by using its CodeName. So your macro code won't change when you rename your worksheets. However, if you have already referred to a function in a different sheet module in your existing macro code and the name of the worksheet is not the default name, then your macro code may not run after this update. For that, you need to manually modify your code to use the CodeName to refer to a Sheet module.
  • We will also be doing further enhancements and additions to our macros functionality. Let us know what functionality you are interested in with respect to Macros by sending an email to support@zohosheet.com.

Other Enhancements:

  • STOCK() formula enhancement:
    We have been supporting this STOCK() function for long. However there were a few limitations. We have removed those limitations now. You can pass cell references as arguments to the STOCK() function. We also support using the STOCK() function as part of a nested formula.
  • Chart and Image positioning:
    Charts and Images are now aligned to the cell over which they are placed. Whenever you resize/insert/delete rows above and columns before these objects, they will automatically reposition themselves.
  • More keyboard shortcuts:
    We now support additional keyboard shortcuts for Bold, Italic and Underline styles. The additional shortcuts are Ctrl+Shift+2 for Bold, Ctrl+Shift+3 for Italic and Ctrl+Shift+4 for Underline. This is in addition to the regular shortcuts Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I and Ctrl+U. Use Ctrl+Shift+5 to apply the Strikethrough style. For Mac, use Cmd key instead of Ctrl key. Here is the list of Keyboard Shortcuts we support: sheet.zoho.com/keyboard-shortcuts/

Bug Fixes:

  • The rich text editor in 'Edit Share Invitation Email' and 'Notify Shared Users' was not working on Firefox 4 and above. This issue has now been fixed.
  • While copying spreadsheets, the X-axis/Y-axis titles in your charts are now properly copied.
  • Chart title is now properly retained when you export your spreadsheets.

  • ... and other minor fixes.
Monday, July 04, 2011

Image support in Export and in Remote API:

  • When you export a spreadsheet from Zoho, the images in your spreadsheet will now be available in the exported document.
  • Images are now supported in Remote API as well.
  • When you upload a spreadsheet to Zoho Docs or view a spreadsheet attachment in Zoho Mail, images in the spreadsheet will now be displayed.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • When you select cells in a single row and click the Sum button, the SUM() formula will now be inserted in the next empty cell on that row. We already support this in the vertical direction.
  • During a rare sequence of actions, a value in a cell might get duplicated across all further columns in that particular row. This issue has now been fixed.
Monday, May 02, 2011

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Strikethrough:
    You can now apply the strikethrough property to your cells like this. The strikethough icon [  abc  ] is available on the toolbar next to the underline icon [ U ].
  • Chart and Image object enhancements:
    Selecting and acting upon the chart and image objects are now made similar to the button object. The action bar on these objects will now be available only upon selecting the object and not on mouseover. The keyboard shortcuts and alignment options for charts and images are automatically available with this update.
  • Freeze Top Row and Freeze First Column:
    Freeze panes has been supported for quite some time now. We have now added the ability to quickly freeze the top row or freeze the first column from the 'More' menu on the toolbar.
  • Share Invitation Email now in 11 languages:
    You can now send the Share inivitation email in 11 languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Bug Fixes:

  • While recording a macro, delete chart was recorded as delete sheet. This has now been fixed.
  • Extra tab space at the end of each row was getting copied to the clipboard while using the shortcut Ctrl+C. This extra tab space has now been removed.
Thursday, April 07, 2011

Bug Fixes:

  • Real-time collaboration on spreadsheets now works on Firefox 4 as well.
  • Non re-evaluation of dependent cells in certain rare cases has been fixed.
  • Issue of buttons not showing up on specific files has been fixed.
Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • Default font style of imported spreadsheets are now taken into account in Zoho Sheet.
  • Polish language support has been improved. Except for Pivot Tables functionality, the interface has been localized to Polish.
  • Position of images and charts in Print preview have been corrected.
  • Buttons not appearing in certain cases while importing a spreadsheet has been fixed. Wrong position of button while opening a spreadsheet has also been fixed.
  • Issue in displaying blank rows in certain cases when we copy and paste data from an external application has been fixed.
  • Functions like TODAY(), NOW(), RAND() and RANDBETWEEN() will now recalculate while loading a published range.
  • When viewing your spreadsheets on your mobile device via m.zoho.com, there were text overlapping with each other when a cell contained special characters. This has been fixed.
  • Some performance improvements have been done.
Thursday, January 20, 2011

File menu:

  • We now have the file explorer sidebar closed by default. This is to provide you with more space for your spreadsheet editor.
  • We have provided a File menu to access and operate on your files. Clicking on File > Open (Ctrl+O) will bring the sidebar from where you can open your files. You can alternatively click on the sidebar handle available on the left to bring the sidebar.
  • Check out this forum topic to learn more about the changes.
  • You can now insert HTML code snippets in your spreadsheet. These HTML objects will be floating on top of the spreadsheet.
  • Click on the "Insert" icon-menu in the toolbar and select "Insert HTML" to use this functionality.
  • You can use this functionality to insert a HTML note (similar to Text Box shape in Microsoft Excel) or to embed a YouTube video, for example.
  • Right now, you cannot insert any dynamic content (such as cell values) in the HTML code snippet.

Import Google Spreadsheet:

  • You can now import your Google spreadsheets to Zoho. This functionality is available under the File > Import menu.
  • Zoho Sheet supports files up to 10 MB in size and upto 1 million cells - more than what Google Docs supports. So if you have spreadsheets in Google Docs which Google's online editor doesn't support (or even otherwise), you can import those spreadsheets and try it out for yourself.
  • We already support signing in to Zoho with your Google account (more information). So if you are new to Zoho, it is easier for you to try out Zoho Sheet.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Buttons:

  • We now support keyboard shortcuts to position buttons in your spreadsheet. This helps you in arranging and aligning the buttons neatly in your spreadsheet.
    • Ctrl+Click on the object will select/focus the object.
    • Arrow keys are used to move the object in the desired direction.
    • Ctrl+Arrow keys are used to snap the left/top side of the object with the adjacent column/row.
    • Ctrl+Shift+Arrow keys are used to snap the right/bottom side of the object with the adjacent column/row.
    • Escape key is used to return the focus to the active cell in the spreadsheet.
    • While you are dragging a button using your mouse, Escape key is used to cancel the operation.
    • The Tab and Shift+Tab keys are used to navigate to the next/previous object starting from the top most object.
    • F2 on the object takes you to the Edit mode.
  • Refer the Keyboard Shortcuts page to learn more about the various keyboard shortcuts.
  • Images and Charts will also move to this model in our subsequent updates.

IE 9 support and Bug fixes:

  • Zoho Sheet now supports the Internet Explorer 9 Beta web browser. However a few advanced functionalities like Macros and Pivot Tables will not work. This will be fixed in a future update.
  • When multiple public spreadsheets were embedded in a single web page, sometimes an error would crop up from one of the embedded spreadsheets. This issue has now been fixed.
  • ... and some minor fixes.
Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Drag and drop cells:

  • You can now drag and drop cells to move your data around in your spreadsheet. Select the range of cells and hover your mouse over the edges of the selection. Your cursor will change to a 'move' cursor. Now click and drag your cells around.
  • If you hold the Ctrl key while dragging the cells then the cells will be copied instead.

Cell references to other worksheets in the same workbook:

  • We already support referring to cells in other worksheets within the same workbook by using the formula =Sheet2!A5 for example. With this update, you can directly open the corresponding worksheet by clicking on the tabs at the bottom and select the cell(s) while typing the formula.
  • Once you select the cell or cell range on a different worksheet, you can press the Enter key to submit the formula or type an operator and continue the formula.
  • Note: Referring to cells in another workbook/file is not supported yet.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • Cell comments were not shown if 'Freeze Panes' was applied and if the cell containing the comment was in the frozen area. This has now been fixed.
  • Chart was not drawn correctly if the data range consisted of only a single row. This issue has been fixed.
  • The contents of a cell were not displayed in print preview and other views if the cell had a double quote character. This has been fixed.
  • While selecting a range of cells using your mouse, the worksheet will now automatically scroll down as you select cells beyond the data available in your spreadsheet.
  • While recording a macro, if you stop the recording when a cell is in edit mode, then the data entry in that cell was not recorded. This has been fixed.
  • ...and many more fixes.
Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bug Fixes:

  • Adding document comments did not work when accessing Sheet from Zoho Business and Zoho Personal. This has now been fixed.
  • Undo of cut and paste cells across worksheets did not function properly. This has now been fixed.
Monday, September 20, 2010

Bug Fixes:

  • Issues in optimal height and width not being accurate have been fixed.
  • While doing a cut and paste of a range from one sheet to another, the Named Ranges in the source range were not moved to the destination sheet. This has been fixed.
  • Borders were not rendered properly when the cells involving the border were merged vertically. This has been fixed.
  • An issue of data not being saved in specific cases during collaboration on a document opened via our Remote API has been fixed.
Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Bug Fixes:

  • When a spreadsheet was embedded in a website/blog, the focus used to shift automatically to the embedded spreadsheet when the page was loaded. This has now been fixed.
  • During a very rare scenario, an user's spreadsheet could be overwritten with the content of another spreadsheet created by the same user. This has been fixed.
  • A 'Stop Script' alert used to come up sometimes on specific systems while loading spreadsheets with large number of columns. This has now been fixed.
Monday, August 30, 2010

Bug Fixes:

  • There was an bug while sorting a column full of formulas. It did not work entirely as expected. This has now been resolved.
  • Issue of currency formatted formula cells showing a negative sign before the value in very specific cases has been fixed.
Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • Performance improvements while loading a spreadsheet and while scrolling up/down the spreadsheet. More improvements coming up.
  • Improved auto detection of headers while sorting a column in a sheet.
  • When you sort a table which extends beyond the column R, the data after column R was not refreshed. This has been fixed.
  • XLSX export from the sidebar was not working. This has now been fixed.
  • There was an issue in displaying images in a spreadsheet when one of the image file names contained an apostrophe. This has now been fixed.
  • There was an issue in loading a shared spreadsheet from Zoho Docs when only selected sheets in the spreadsheet were shared. This has been resolved.
  • New spreadsheets created using our Remote API will now have the names of the sheets localized to the locale, which is passed as an argument to our API.
Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bug Fixes:

  • Issues in Date format and Font color being different while exporting an imported spreadsheet has been fixed.
  • 'Link External Data' failed when configured on a sheet which has space in its name. This issue has been fixed.
  • There were issues in collaboration for some users while using our Remote API Editor. This has been fixed.
Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue of row heights not being adjusted when cells are updated from a macro has been fixed.
  • Issue in adding comments with non-ASCII characters in public spreadsheets has been fixed.
Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Languages - Tamil, Serbian, Ukranian and Hungarian:

  • Support for Tamil language has been added with this update.
  • Earlier, we had added support for Serbian, Ukranian and Hungarian.
  • Zoho Sheet now supports a total of 26 languages.

Macro Enhancements and Fixes:

  • The performance of macros has been improved, especially in cases when a large number of cells has been affected.
  • Issues with non-ASCII module names (sheet names) have been fixed.

Bug Fixes:

  • The Goto functionality did not work in a new document after assigning a name to a range. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Cell comment was not displayed when a range of cells, including the cell with the comment, was selected. This bug has now been fixed.
  • HTML view of public templates was not working for few weeks. This bug has now been fixed.
Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Features:

  • Large spreadsheet support:
    We now support spreadsheets with up to 1 million cells per document, subject to a maximum of 65536 rows and 256 columns per worksheet. Spreadsheet files being imported have a size restriction of 10MB.
  • Performance Improvements:
    You will notice performance improvements, especially while loading large spreadsheets, doing range-level operations, undo/redo, etc.
  • Chrome and Safari browser support:
    We now provide full support to Chrome 4+ and Safari 4+ browsers in addition to Firefox 2+ and Internet Explorer 6+.
  • Support for 'Input Method':
    Direct input of Chinese, Japanese, Korean characters on a cell is now possible without needing to double click on a cell.
  • Find functionality:
    You can now find text inside a spreadsheet. Use the shortcut Ctrl+F and you will get the Find panel at the bottom of the spreadsheet. You can search for text in the current sheet, current coloumn or current row. You will automatically be taken to the cell which contains the string being searched for.
  • Undo/Redo Enhancements:
    Undo/Redo now works across worksheets. It is fast and more reliable than before.
  • Column/Row/Sheet level styles and formats:
    You can now set styles and format on a column/row/sheet level. For example, if you select the whole sheet and set the font style as Calibri, then the same font will be set for any new rows/columns that may be added at the end.

Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • For every save, a new version is now automatically created. We store the recent 25 auto-versions. Apart from this, you can have any number of manually marked versions.
  • Column/Row mis-alignment issues have been fixed.
  • Minimum row height of 1px is now supported.
  • Freeze panes enhancements: Images and objects now scroll along with the view.
  • Insert/Delete column between merge cells and merge cells across freeze panes is now possible.
  • Enhanced error reporting and recovery.
  • ..and many more enhancements.

Limitations with this release:

A few limitations had to be introduced in this release.
  • Public and embedded spreadsheets will now open by default in read-only non-interactive mode. To get to the interactive mode, you would need to press the 'Click to Edit' button.
  • If you need to copy data from your Zoho Spreadsheet and paste it to an external application or a different spreadsheet in Zoho, you will have to use the 'Copy to Clipboard' menu item available on the right click context menu. The Ctrl+C shortcut will not copy all the selected cells to the clipboard. However, if you want to copy and paste cells within the same spreadsheet, you can use the right click 'Copy' and 'Paste' menu items or the standard shortcuts Ctrl+C(Windows, Linux) and Cmd+C(Mac) to copy and Ctrl+V(Windows, Linux) and Cmd+V(Mac) to paste.
  • Auto-suggest of text in the current column while typing in a cell has been temporarily stopped.
  • Undo/Redo will not work on a throwaway spreadsheet and on the spreadsheet gadget. This will be supported in a future update.
  • If freeze pane has been applied on a spreadsheet, then objects like charts, images, buttons will be available only on the bottom right pane.
Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • While using Zoho Sheet on the Chrome and Safari browser, some of the functionality in the Comments section, Group Chat section and the Feedback dialog did not work. This has now been fixed.
  • Regular expression can now be used in the following functions: SUMIF, COUNTIF, MATCH, SEARCH, LOOKUP, HLOOKUP, VLOOKUP, DCOUNT, DCOUNTA, DSUM, DPRODUCT, DMAX, DMIN, DAVERAGE, DSTDEV, DSTDEVP, DVAR, DVARP, DGET. Here is the Functions Reference.
Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • Added a new date format: DD/MM/YYYY
  • There was an issue in sheet rename/delete when multiple people were collaborating on a spreadsheet. This has now been fixed.
Friday, December 11, 2009

Bug Fixes:

  • There were some issues in real time collaboration when a document was shared multiple times from the sidebar. This has now been fixed.
  • Insert Button was disabled in an update done last week. This has now been enabled.
  • Mutiple column sorting issue in certain kind of spreadsheets has been fixed.
  • Exporting a read-only shared document did not work on certain spreadsheets. This has now been fixed.
  • External Data was not updated when a spreadsheet with a public chart was kept open. This has now been corrected.
Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue of sheet missing if a document contains external data and published range has been fixed.
  • Issue has been fixed in saving spreadsheet when a cell with a certain kind of hyperlink has been modified.
  • Collaboration issues during revert version and while creating a new document in a workspace in Zoho Docs have been fixed.
  • Export did not work on certain spreadsheets. This has been fixed.
Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue of improper column width in published ranges has been fixed.
  • Application.EnableEvents in VBA macro did not work properly while viewing a public spreadsheet after signing in to Zoho. This has been fixed.
  • In certain cases, user's time zone was not considered while viewing public spreadsheets. This has been fixed now.
  • There was a bug in aligning text in columns in certain cases. When alignment for column C was applied, the alignment was applied for columns A and B as well. This has been fixed in this update.
Friday, September 4, 2009

Insert Buttons:

  • You can now insert command buttons on your spreadsheets in Zoho. You can assign a VBA macro to this button so that the macro will be executed when the button is clicked. It is one of the first steps in making things easier to build spreadsheet based applications.
  • Look for "Insert Button" under the Insert icon (the plus icon)in the toolbar.
  • You can assign an existing macro or assign a new one either by writing VBA code or by recording a macro.
  • When a macro is not assigned to the button, clicking on the button will bring up the design mode where you can move the button around, resize it, edit the label, assign a macro and perform various other actions.
  • When a macro is assigned to the button, clicking on the button will execute the macro function. Clicking on it while holding the control key or right clicking on it will bring up the design mode where you can move the button around, resize it, edit the label, assign a macro and perform various other actions.

Full XLSX support:

  • Earlier we supported the import of Microsoft Office 2007 file format (xlsx) files. Now we have added support for exporting your existing Zoho spreadsheets to the xlsx file format.
  • XLSX files are now supported in both our Data APIs as well as Remote APIs. Visit http://api.zoho.com for more information.

Timezone preference:

  • We now respect your timezone preference and display date and time accordingly.
  • TODAY() and NOW() functions now display the date and time as per your timezone. Your timezone is also taken into account while displaying the timestamp on our screens.
  • You can set your timezone preference by clicking on "Account Settings > My Account" link available at the top. You can also visit http://accounts.zoho.com and set your preferences which will be used across the various Zoho services.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • We have now added a close icon at the top to the spreadsheet. Some of our users requested for this feature as they wanted to just close the spreadsheet after working on it. You need not sign out or click on a new spreadsheet to just close a spreadsheet.
  • Splitting a merge cell caused data in those cells to disappear when a range was selected. This bug has now been fixed.
  • Row and Column numbers were jumbled up when inserting rows/columns before the last row/column. This has now been fixed.
  • "Copy this Sheet" failed when there were large number of sheets in the workbook. This has been resolved.
  • If you merge a cell and then Undo it, the data in the cell might be lost in certain cases. We have now fixed this bug.
  • Rename file issue on Internet Explorer for Chinese/Japanese characters has been fixed.
Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bug Fixes:

  • When a formula contained spaces at certain places, it returned an error. This has been fixed now.
  • WORKDAY() function returned a wrong value during a special case. This has been fixed.
  • When entering data in a merged cell, the data was lost on opening the spreadsheet in certain specific cases. This has been fixed.
  • In Firefox 3.5, the keyboard focus was not on the cell in certain cases. This has been fixed now.
  • In Firefox 3.5, the various sheet tabs were overlapping in certain spreadsheets. This issue has been fixed.
  • The Data API for downloading a specific sheet as csv using sheet index / sheet name was not working for a few weeks. This has been fixed.
Friday, July 17, 2009

Microsoft Excel 2007 file format support:

  • You can now import .xlsx files into Zoho Sheet. You can also upload .xlsx files to your account using our uploadbook Data API.
  • --%>
  • Exporting your Zoho spreadsheets to .xlsx isn't supported at the moment. However, this will be available in a future update.
  • Since exporting to .xlsx isn't currently supported, .xlsx files can't be used with our Remote APIs.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • Saving of files will now be faster. Save performance has been improved.
  • When you cancel sharing of a document to an user, a feed notification will be sent to that user informing the same.
  • The 'content' parameter in our Remote API is now optional. If content parameter is not passed, it will be treated as a new document.
  • When freeze panes is applied, the cell comment callout position displayed erratically while scrolling. This has now been fixed.
  • When you add contacts in bulk while sharing a document, there was an issue which has now been fixed.
Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • There were some issues in typing "&" inside a cell while using it on the Internet Explorer browser. This has been fixed now.
  • When you move a public document to Trash and then later restore it, the document will be published automatically.
  • The file listing in the sidebar will now display a different icon for documents that are published within an organization.
Thursday, June 18, 2009

Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • Performance improvements in Formula calculation.
  • Issue of Stock Formula not updating in public spreadsheets has been fixed.
  • Issue in sharing specific sheets of a workbook to an Organization Group has been fixed.
  • Issue in copying public spreadsheets using "Copy to my account" button has been fixed.
Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Collaboration Enhancements:

  • We will now assign color codes to each user when multiple users are collaborating on a spreadsheet. You will be able to view the cell each user is working on. Colored borders will be displayed around the cells on which the collaborators are working on. Hovering your mouse over the cell will show who is working on that cell. The colors will also be displayed next to each user in the chat panel / discussion room.
  • --%>
  • Some issues in collaboration while inserting / deleting rows and columns have been fixed.

Cell Comments Enhancements:

  • The cell comment user interface has been enhanced.
  • Long sentences and paragraphs are better handled now.
  • Issues in closing the cell comment edit dialog while hovering over another cell with comments has been fixed.

Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • We now show a warning message when you are about to publish a range. If you are about to publish a range in the spreadsheet and if the cell range contains confidential information, then it is not recommended as the published URL can be accessed without authenticating.
  • Sidebar not being displayed in the latest Chrome 2.0 browser has been fixed.
Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • Freeze panes is not maintained while exporting spreadsheets from Zoho or importing spreadsheets into Zoho. However, we have now enhanced our Freeze panes support such that if you export the spreadsheet from Zoho and then import it back to Zoho, the freeze panes will be maintained. This is quite useful while using our Zoho Plugin for Microsoft Office.
  • The search in the sidebar will now additionally search for spreadsheets shared to the groups to which you have subscribed.
  • The right click context menu issue in Opera browser fixed.
  • Organization logo display in Zoho Sheet has been corrected (especially when the size is big).
  • Error upon delete/restore file from search results has been fixed.
  • Some more minor issues have been fixed.
Saturday, April 4, 2009

Freeze Panes:

  • Support for Freeze Panes in Zoho Sheet has been added. This is a long pending feature, and we have addressed it with this update.
  • Freeze panes is accessible from the More Actions menu and also on the right click context menu of a cell.
  • You can currently freeze upto the first 5 rows and 5 columns.
  • Import and Export of Freeze Panes in a spreadsheet is not handled currently.
  • The following features have been disabled in the frozen area - Insert/Delete/Resize rows/columns, Merge cells across frozen and unfrozen areas.
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Issue Fixes:

  • Charting issue when cell value greater than 10000000 has been fixed.
  • Line charts will now have line break instead of drawing it as zero if there is no value in cell.
  • Sheet switching issue in case of some non English Sheet names (Japanese and Chinese) has been fixed.
  • There was an issue in collaboration in a specific case when individual sheets had been shared. This has been fixed.
  • An issue related to a save error on some specific documents has been fixed.
  • Browser's Find using Ctrl+F will now highlight the text and scroll to that cell.
Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chart and Image enhancements:

  • Right click context menu added for charts and images.
  • You can now export an embedded picture or a chart as an image. Use the right click menu for this.
  • We now support multiple range charts on tables imported via our 'Link External Data' feature.
  • Some minor enhancements, performance improvements and issue fixes have been done in charts.

API enhancements:

  • TSV download has been made available in our Data API.
  • A new API for download a shared book has been added.
  • New optional parameter "name" has been added in remote upload of a document.
  • If you close the window without saving while using our editor via Remote API, we will show a warning that the file is not saved. Previously it used to close without prompting to save.
  • Visit http://api.wiki.zoho.com.

Other Enhancements:

  • Performance improvements have been done, especially noticeable on Internet Explorer.
  • Horizontal padding inside the cells have been increased for better readability of spreadsheets in Zoho.
  • The file currently opened will be highlighted in bold on the sidebar.
  • Spreadsheets shared to you can now be viewed on your iphone (via m.zoho.com).
  • The sheet tab bar at the bottom and the status bar have been reworked, so that the space can be better utiltized.
  • Sending of feeds to other Zoho services while sharing a spreadsheet has been implemented.
  • "Chat with shared users" option has been added under "Share" menu.
  • And some issues have been fixed.
Sunday, September 28, 2008

Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • Viewing spreadsheets on iPhone (via m.zoho.com) has been enhanced.
  • In embedded Zoho spreadsheets, we have added a new option to view the spreadsheet in full screen.
  • Overlapping text issue in VBA Editor on the Firefox 3 browser has been fixed.
  • Share menu item has been added in the actions menu next to the file name in the sidebar.
  • Issue in typing dates when the language is not English has been fixed.
Thursday, September 11, 2008

Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • Undo and Redo icons have been added to the toolbar. We already support 10 levels of Undo and Redo, but they were available only via the shortcut keys Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y. Now we have added icons for these in the toolbar. There is also some minor rearrangement in the toolbar due to this.
  • Adding a new workbook using our plugin for Microsoft Office did not sync the document with Zoho Docs. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixes in insert row below and row above behaviour.
  • Some fixes in our interface.
Friday, August 29, 2008


  • The right click context menu has been enhanced.
  • While sharing, the limit on the number of characters in the custom email inivitation is now increased to 1000 characters.
  • Performance has been improved while loading spreadsheets and performing certain operations like insert/delete rows and columns. More improvements on the way.
  • Issue in published ranges not getting updated when it refers to cells linked with External Data has been fixed.
  • Some rare issues while sharing spreadsheets have been fixed.
  • Date format related fixes and script timeout related fixes have been done in Macros.
Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Record and Play Macros:

  • Zoho Sheet now supports record and playback of Macros. We launched the VBA Macros functionality in April, and you had to know the basics of VBA to write Macros. But now, you can just record the user actions to generate the Macro code without even needing to learn VBA. This recorded macro can then be run on the spreadsheet.
  • We also support relative reference while recording a macro. Using this option, a macro can be recorded once and can be played on any other part of the spreadsheet without worrying about absolute cell locations.
  • Here is a list of unsupported actions.

Templates (preview):

  • We have added support for templates. You can maintain your own list of templates and can create a new spreadsheet from a template and vice versa.
  • You can publish a template to the public template gallery. Users can browse the public template gallery and can copy the templates to their account.
  • We will add some standard system templates, enhance our public template gallery and then announce templates functionality in Zoho Sheet.

Other Major Enhancements:

  • Polish language:
    Zoho Sheet is now available in Polish language. Thanks to our users who translated Zoho Sheet into Polish. We now support 22 languages and many more are in progress on our translation site where users themselves localize Zoho Sheet.
  • New Share UI:
    We have re-designed our "Share" screen to provide better experience while sharing to contacts and groups. You can also search your contacts before sharing it to them. This new Share UI will be used in Writer and Show as well to provide a consistent user experience.
  • Firefox 3 performance improvements:
    We have made some changes to improve the performance in Firefox 3. More performance improvements for all browsers are in the works.
  • ... and some bug fixes.
Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bug Fixes:

  • Auto-fill issue in IE has been fixed.
  • Edit Chart / Publish Chart / Clone Image broken links have been fixed.
  • Firefox 3 issues of not being able to edit by typing immediately after opening.
  • Error messages in spreadsheets with external data, when opened for a long time has been fixed.
Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Features:

  • Sorting Enhancements:
    We have enahanced our Sorting capabilities. Selecting a column and then using the sort buttons on our toolbar will now detect and prompt if the range has to be expanded. The headers will also be auto-detected. We have the advanced sort option on the right click menu for a long time now. Again this will detect the headers in the selected range. You can sort by upto 3 columns in any order. We also added an option to either sort top to bottom or left to right.
  • Esperanto Language:
    Zoho Sheet is now available in Esperanto langauge, thanks to our user "cfm" who single-handedly localized the interface. We now support 21 languages and many more are in progress on our translation site where users themselves localize Zoho Sheet.
  • Cloning an Image:
    You can now clone an image in a spreadsheet. Just hover your mouse over the image and click on Clone on the top of the image.
  • Multiple Column/Row Resize:
    Earlier, it was possible to change the width / height of multiple columns and rows by using the right click options. Now you can resize them by just selecting the columns and then resizing one of them. The other columns will be assigned the same equal width. Same is the case for resizing rows. In an earlier update, we also supported setting optimal width / height needed for the selected columns / rows upon double clicking the column/row separators.
  • Scrolling on range selection:
    The grid will now scroll while doing range selections either using the mouse or the keyboard.
  • More shortcuts for navigation:
    New shortcuts Ctrl+Up, Ctrl+Down, Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right help you to quickly navigate through the data in your spreadsheet. These shortcuts can also be used along with the Shift key to select such cell ranges.
  • Bug Fixes and Improvements:
    An issue with respect to showing the weekday in Japanese date formats has been fixed. Performance improvements have been done in bringing up the Share Dialog and also while inserting / deleting columns. More performance improvements on the way.
Friday, June 13, 2008

Public Spreadsheet URLs and Number of Views:

  • Short and Readable URLs:
    The URL of public spreadsheets have now been made more readable and much shorter. The URLs will be of the form http://sheet.zoho.com/public/username/documentname. Your existing public URLs and embedded spreadsheets will continue to work on the old URL as well.
  • Listing of user's public spreadsheets:
    http://sheet.zoho.com/public/username/ will list the public documents of a particular user and you also have a RSS feed for that. This RSS feed will be useful if someone wants to subscribe to your public spreadsheets. It will also be useful to you if you want to display a list of your recent public spreadsheets as a widget in your blog or website. Please note that public spreadsheets which are set not to show in Zoho public documents will not be shown here.
  • Export public spreadsheets via URL:
    You can export a public spreadsheet by appending .filetype at the end of the URL. For example: http://sheet.zoho.com/public/username/documentname.xls will export the spreadsheet to XLS format. Supported extensions include xls, sxc, csv, html and pdf.
  • Number of views:
    We also now show the number of times a particular spreadsheet has been viewed. These are not unique visitors but are actually page loads. In the public spreadsheet view, the views are shown beside the filename at the top. Views are being tracked since the last 3 months.

Charting Enhancements:

  • Charts with data in another sheet:
    You can now draw charts for data ranges available in a different sheet in the same workbook. For example, you can have a chart in Sheet2 with the data range pointing to Sheet1!A1:E30. These are handled in Import and Export as well.
  • Charting on discontiguous data ranges:
    Support for charting on discontiguous data ranges like A1:A10,D1:E10 have been added. Currently you have to manually type in such ranges. They are handled in Import and Export as well.
  • Chart Scale:
    The Y-Axis scale of charts will automatically be adjusted depending on the values. Suppose your values are in the range 80-90, the Y axis will start at 80 instead of 0. These will be applied to all charts except Column and Bar charts.
  • Chart Colors:
    The default chart colors have been changed. The colors are not customizable yet. We wanted to change the initial default color of red (which is somewhat negative) and we came up with this new color palette.

Blue Theme and Norwegian language:

  • Blue Theme:
    We have come up with a light and pleasing blue theme, named Mint Blue. We already have a grey theme in addition to the classic green theme. The default theme is now changed to the new blue theme. You can select the Theme you prefer from the Themes menu at the top.
  • Norwegian Language:
    Zoho Sheet is now available in Norwegian language, thanks to our users who translated it on our translation site. With this, Zoho Sheet now supports a total of 20 languages. If you want to see Zoho Sheet in your language, then fill in this form.

Performance Improvements and Fixes:

  • We have made some performance improvements and fixes in Formula recalculation. Performance has been improved in Range selections too.
  • Hyperlinks in cells will now inherit the font styles of the cell, except for foreground color, which will always be blue.
  • Some rare issues while sharing spreadsheets have been fixed.
Saturday, May 17, 2008


  • Macros Localization:
    The new Macros feature has now been localized to Japanese and Simplified Chinese.
  • Contacts:
    Your contacts (the email addresses to which you had shared spreadsheets) have now been moved over to the common contacts across Zoho Services. Similarly your contacts from Other Zoho applications will now be shown while sharing in Zoho Sheet.
  • AutoSum:
    The AutoSum functionality has been enhanced. Previously you had to select a range and then click on the AutoSum button. Now you can just select the target cell and click the AutoSum button (or the shortcut key Alt+=) and it will automatically show the SUM formula for the cells above or towards the left.
  • Keyboard shortcuts:
    Couple of shortcut keys have been added. Alt+= is for the AutoSum functionality mentioned above, while Ctrl+Shift+N is to focus the current cell indicator (available towards the left of the formula bar). You can use this current cell indicator field (or Named Box) to go to an already define named range or to define a new named range for the currently selected cell / range.
  • Search Shared Spreadsheets:
    Search available on the sidebar used to search only the content of your own spreadsheets. Now it will search inside spreadsheets shared to you too.
  • Expand Formula Bar:
    The formula bar can be expanded / collapsed using the expand button at the extreme right of the formula bar. This is quite useful if you are typing in a long text or formula. The shortcut key for the same is Ctrl+Shift+U.
  • Bug Fixes:
    We have fixed certain issues related to Undo of borders and the STOCK() function.
Monday, April 28, 2008

VBA Macros:

  • We have now added support for VBA Macros in Zoho Sheet. You can write VBA code to automate or do a variety of tasks on your Zoho spreadsheets. Use the Macro menu on the toolbar.
  • Importing Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with Macros will automatically import your macros too. Exporting from Zoho Sheet currently doesn't support Macros.
  • We have created a separate wiki site for people to share and exchange Macro code snippets. This site can be accessed from http://vbmacros.wiki.zoho.com.
  • Record and Play Macros will be supported in a future update.

Pivot Tables:

  • We now support Pivot Tables to help you analyze your data and create Reports. Use the Pivot menu in the toolbar.
  • Pivot Charts are also supported in addition to Zoho Sheet charts.
  • You can either import a CSV file as tabular data and create reports (or) select a range in your existing Zoho spreadsheet and create reports.
  • Publishing of Reports, Print Reports, Import / Export of spreadsheets with Pivots are some of the things that will follow in a future update

Other New Features:

These features were supported in the last 5 months and we have been regularly updating the site.
  • Share Spreadsheets to Groups:
    Sharing to a group of users has now become easy. You can create groups in Zoho and share your spreadsheets to groups. Groups are common across Zoho services like Writer, Sheet, Business, etc.
  • Support for Named Ranges:
    Names can now be assigned to a cell or a cell range. These names can then be used in formulas / macros to refer to a range of cells. To define a name, select the cell range and then use the "Name this Cell" menu item in the More Actions menu or in the right click context menu.
  • Multiline Support:
    Multiline support inside a cell has been added. You can use Ctrl+Enter or Alt+Enter to insert a line break inside a cell.
  • New Publish Options:
    New publish options have been added to control use of your public spreadsheets in Zoho. You can now restrict users from exporting your public spreadsheet. You can also hide formulas used in your public spreadsheet from your users. This is useful if you want to prevent users from viewing the formulas you have used.
  • Support for large spreadsheets:
    You can now load upto 100,000 rows of data when imported as CSV files. You would need to select the Tabular Data option while importing. We will also make our application scalable for other data formats too.
  • Auto-Filter:
    We support auto-filters when imported as CSV files. Again you would need to select the Tabular Data option while importing. Filters for normal spreadsheets will be supported later.
  • Freeze Panes (partial):
    While importing CSV files containing structured data, if you choose the Tabular Data option, the top row will be freezed and you can apply freeze columns on any of the columns. However we haven't supported freeze panes in our normal sheets. This will follow in a future update.
  • TSV File Support:
    Import and export of .tsv files (tab separate values) is now possible.
  • New languages:
    Support for 3 more languages - Czech, Bulgarian and Traditional chinese - have been added. These have been translated by our community of users at translate.sheet.zoho.com. We now support 19 languages.
  • Chinese Yuan Currency:
    Support for Chinese Yuan currency has been added.
  • Set as Text:
    Use the Set as Text icon in the toolbar to set the cell format as text. This icon is available in the drop down next to the comma icon in the toolbar. If you want to enter data like 00002345235 without trimming those leading zeros or enter 4/4 without needing to automatically convert it into date, then you can set these cells as text or you can prefix the cell value by a single quote (') and it will be marked as text.
  • Performance Improvement:
    Some performance improvements have been done in loading sheets and range selections. More improvements on the way.
  • More Keyboard Shortcuts:
    Many shortcuts have been added. Refer Keyboard Shortcuts which is available under the Product Links at the top.
  • Optimal Width and Height:
    You can double click on the column and row separators to set the optimal width and height.
  • Cell selection in Formulas:
    We now support selecting cell regions using keyboard while typing in formulas.
Thursday, November 22, 2007

Batch Operations and Sidebar Enhancements:

  • Batch export:
    You can now export multiple spreadsheeets in your account as a zip file of xls / pdf / ods / sxc file formats. Currently you can export only till 10 spreadsheets at a time. Just select the spreadsheets and use the Actions menu at the bottom.
  • Batch sharing:
    Similarly, you can select multiple spreadsheets and share them with others.
  • Batch delete:
    Multiple spreadsheets can be deleted too in the same manner. Similar in the "Shared with me" section of the sidebar, you can select multiple spreadsheets and remove sharing to you if you do not need it.
  • Sorting spreadsheets list:
    You can now sort your spreadsheets by created time, modified time and file name - both ascending and descending. The default sort behaviour is now changed such that your recently modified spreadsheets are shown at the top. Use ths "Sort by" menu available at the top of the "My Sheets" section.
  • Filters:
    We have added few filtered views - "Shared by me", "My Public Documents", "Last Created (10)", and "Last Modified (10)". Look for the View menu in the sidebar.
  • File Info and Actions:
    Along side each file in the sidebar, you will find an icon hovering over which will display the file info such as last modified time, users shared to, etc. You also have an action icon to Delete, Duplicate or Export the specific file.

More Features:

  • Autofill:
    While typing the first few characters in a cell, Zoho Sheet will automatically try to fill in the remaining characters based on the cell content that have already been filled in that particular column. This is quite handy when you need to type the same set of values in a column. This also reduces human error during data entry. You can also use the "Pick from list" option in the right click menu to pick from the list of strings in that column.
  • Themes:
    We now have a grey theme in addition to the default green. You can set them using the Themes link at the top.
  • Duplicate sheet in a workbook:
    You can now copy / move a sheet inside a workbook. To use it right click on the sheet tab at the bottom and use the respective options.
  • Enhanced Color Picker:
    We have enhanced the color pickers for the cell foreground and background. Clicking on the icon directly will apply the last applied color. You can choose a different color using the dropdown near the icon.
  • Goto:
    You can now go to a particular cell using the Ctrl+G shortcut. Just enter the cell reference in the text box. For example type A60 to go to the cell A60.
  • 2 More Shortcuts:
    Couple of shortcuts - Shift+Enter to go to the previous cell in the same column and Ctrl+K to insert a hyperlink have been added.
  • New Date Format:
    A new date format "D MMM YYYY" has been added based on requests from the Genealogy community.

Enhancements and Fixes:

  • Images in spreadsheets are also versioned along with the spreadsheet.
  • When you save a shared spreadsheet to your account, images and charts weren't copied. This has been fixed now.
  • --%>
  • Issue with respect to opening the active sheet in a workbook while loading has been fixed.
  • Now you can share your spreadsheet to only 20 users at a time. To share with more people, you need to repeat the steps.
  • Automatic row height changes in IE when formatting the cells has been fixed. Certain row header alignment issues in IE have also been fixed.
  • When you scroll through a large data set and try to draw a chart for it, the generated chart was not being shown in the visible area. This has now been fixed.
  • Some performance improvements have been done including speeding up formatting of a cell range.
Saturday, October 6, 2007

Search across spreadsheets:

  • We now support File content search. You can search for content across your spreadsheets. Use the search box on the sidebar. Earlier we supported only tag search.
  • Currently this doesn't search inside spreadsheets shared to you or the old revisions / versions of your spreadsheet.
  • You can search for spreadsheets matching specified tags (as supported earlier) by prefixing "tags:" to your search query.
  • The search in start.zoho.com will search across all your documents, spreadsheets and presentations in Zoho.


  • Zoho Wiki page editing issue when a Zoho Sheet is embedded in the page is fixed.
  • Bug in Remote API save when the filename has special characters like "/" has been fixed.
Monday, September 24, 2007


  • 2 new languages, Catalan and Turkish, have been added, thanks to our users Joaquim Virgili and Alpay, who translated them to Catalan and Turkish respectively. Other languages are also updated with the latest messages in http://translate.sheet.zoho.com
  • Insert Images now accepts an image available in a public URL too.
  • Issues in our Remote API editor on Internet Explorer have been fixed.
Monday, September 17, 2007

Community driven localization:

  • We launched a site last week for community driven translation of the Zoho Sheet interface. You can read more about it on our blog. If you wish to translate the Zoho Sheet interface to your language, then you can do it at translate.sheet.zoho.com.
  • We launched it on 13th of this month and within couple of days, one more new language, Romanian, has been translated by our users and we have now added it to our main site. Now you can select Romanian from the Language settings.
  • Many other new languages are being translated by our users at translate.sheet.zoho.com.
Wednesday, September 12, 2007


  • Zoho Sheet's Remote API now supports uploading workbooks in the CSV format too.
  • Issue with respect to Real time collaboration in Safari has been fixed.
  • Undo / Redo using the shortcuts Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y is now fixed in Safari.
Thursday, September 06, 2007
  • We have added support for community driven localization. If an user wishes to contribute towards translating the user interface to their native language, then they can go ahead and do it.
  • It is truly a collaborative effort. A single person need not translate the whole interface into a specific language. Multiple users work on a particular language and bring it to completion over a period of time.
  • You can translate directly on the user interface using the WYSIWYG mode.
  • Get started at http://translate.sheet.zoho.com using your Zoho ID.

Insert Images:

  • You can now insert images into your spreadsheets. Click on the Insert icon in the toolbar (the icon with the + symbol in it) and select Insert Image.
  • You can also insert already uploaded images, just click on Insert Image, drag the image and drop it onto your spreadsheet.
  • In the next update, you will also be able to insert an image available in a public URL.

Safari support:

  • We have fixed some of the pressing issues in Zoho Sheet on the Safari browser. Now you will be able to view and edit spreadsheets on the latest version of the Safari browser (Safari 3 and above).
  • --%>
  • Few more issues in Safari will be fixed.

Other New Features:

  • More Currencies:
    We now support few more currencies - Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen and Indian Rupee in addition to the US Dollar.
  • Chinese Language Support:
    We have added support for Simplified Chinese language. You can select it from the Language link at the top.
  • ... and some bug fixes and performance improvements.
Thursday, June 28, 2007
  • You can now translate Zoho Sheet into your native language.
  • Visit http://l10n.sheet.zoho.com. Use your Zoho ID and start translating.
  • Once 80% of the translation has been completed, it will be deployed to our main site.

Stock Quotes Function:

  • You can now fetch stock quotes into your cells by using the STOCK function.
  • This function is available under the Stock category and Financial category in the functions dialog.
  • Note: Stock details are provided from free stock sources available in the Web. The data may be delayed up to 30 minutes. Also the data provided is solely for informational purposes.
  • Limitations: This cannot be currently used in nested functions, nor can it refer other cells.

Other New Features:

  • Multi-lingual support - 7 new languages:
    Support for more languages have been added - Portuguese (Brazilian and European), Danish, Italian, Russian, Swedish, and Dutch. This is in addition to the existing languages of English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. This comes up to a total of 12 languages.
  • HTML view of public spreadsheets:
    You can now find plain non-interactive HTML views of public spreadsheets for fast loading and for printing.
  • More Shortcuts:
    Shortcuts - Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End - have been added to go to the first cell and the last cell of the spreadsheet respectively. In addition Ctrl+Arrows help you to navigate the whole set of rows and columns.

Fixes and Enhancements:

  • Charts export has been enhanced. The new chart types are also now supported while exporting the spreadsheets back.
  • Charts are now supported in our Remote API Editor too.
  • You can now add Tags to documents shared to you too. Searching on the search box in the sidebar now shows results from your shared documents too.
  • ... and some bug fixes.
Friday, May 25, 2007

Fixes and Enhancements:

  • 4 Japanese fonts have been added for cell formatting.
  • Notify shared users will now send individual email messages to the shared users. It also adds a contextual line at the end referring to the document name and the URL.
  • Multilingual support has also been added to our Remote API Editor. Now you have to pass an additional parameter like lang=fr to our remote editor for multilingual support.
  • Issues in chart not getting drawn for some data ranges in our Remote API Editor has been fixed.
  • Some more minor fixes and enhancements.
Thursday, May 10, 2007


  • New button on public sheets to allow embedding in websites and blogs.
  • Email notification on shared sheet updates can now be turned on/off in the Edit shared details screen.


  • Issue in loading shared sheets on a screen with resolution 1024x768 or less has been fixed.
  • Issue in sheet loading with long merged cells with borders has been fixed.
Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Zoho Sheet in 5 languages:

  • Zoho Sheet is now available in 5 different languages - English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.
  • Login and select your language from the link at the top.
  • In the next couple of updates, we will allow users to contribute translating Zoho Sheet in their native language.

Enhanced Collaboration:

  • You can now customize the email message being sent out while sharing spreadsheets.
  • You can choose to be automatically notified via email, when a shared user makes changes to the spreadsheet.
  • There is a 'Notify Shared Users' option under the Share menu which can be used to manually send an email to the shared users.

More Enhancements:

  • Recalculate:
    You can now recalculate the formulas in your spreadsheet. Just hit the F9 key.
  • Formula Editing:
    You can now use your mouse to select cell ranges while typing formulas.
  • Data label options in Charts:
    The data label option in charts allows you to display the labels / values / percentage on the data points.
  • OpenDocument support in APIs:
    Our API now supports the OpenDocument spreadsheet (ods) format too. We already support it via our user interface.

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue with non-english characters in sheet names has been fixed.
  • Issue with multiple published ranges of one or more linked external data in a single sheet has been fixed.
Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Link External Data from RSS/Atom Feeds:

  • You can now periodically fetch data into your spreadsheet cells from RSS/Atom feeds in addition to CSV files and HTML pages.
  • Extended custom tags in RSS/Atom feeds, such as the GData API for Google Base, are also supported.
  • Currently only the recent entries in the feed are populated. The older entries are not retained. We will be changing this behaviour in the future.
  • Column selection as in linking HTML pages is also something we will be supporting in the future.

More Chart Types:

  • New chart types - Stacked percentage charts (Column and Bar, 2D and 3D), Line Marker and Scatter Line Marker charts.
  • This adds up to a total of 27 chart types.


  • Fixed online status issues in certain scenarios, in Real time collaboration.
  • Shared sheet loading performance has been improved since last update.
Wednesday, March 28, 2007


  • XHTML Export - You can now export your spreadsheets in XHTML format too.
  • Bug in Copy pasting ranges while collaborating in real time has been fixed.
  • Copy paste issue in Mac Firefox has been fixed. You can now use the apple key too.
Friday, March 23, 2007

Real-time collaboration and chatting:

  • We now support real-time collaboration on spreadsheets. This allows users to share and work on the same spreadsheet simultaneously. Changes by the user are reflected in real time.
  • You can group chat with your collaborators who are online and discuss on the spreadsheet.
  • You can also chat individually with each collaborator.
  • Chat transcripts are not stored currently. You can use the Comments tab beside the chat to store permanent comments.

More APIs:

  • APIs for reading more granular data like a cell or cell range has been added.
  • APIs are now available in 3 formats - XML, CSV and JSON (also JSONP)
  • We have now supported REST APIs for the existing ones too in addition to the new APIs.
  • API documentation available here.

OpenDocument support and more Import / Export types:

  • We now support importing and exporting of OpenDocument spreadsheets (.ods). To learn more about this format, click here.
  • New Import types: OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods)
  • New Export types: OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods), Microsoft Excel 2003 XML (.xml), and Gnumeric (.gnumeric)

Enhancements in Charts:

  • Importing of spreadsheets now also supports the new charts that we have recently added.
  • Date type values are now properly displayed in charts.
  • Fix in charting of a data range where the 1st column / row contains one or more blank cells.
Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More Charts:

  • We have now added support for more chart types. We currently support a total of 21 chart types.
  • You can now draw a chart even for multiple cell ranges. For eg) A1:A8;C1:E8
  • Some performance improvements in page loading and few fixes.
Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Link External Data from web pages:

  • You can now sync up with external data available as HTML tables in public web pages. This is in addition to public CSV files which we already support.
  • Use the More Actions > Link External Data menu for this.
  • Note: when you specify the polling period, you need to comply with the source website's terms and conditions.

Performance Improvements and Fixes:

  • We have substantially improved the page loading speed while you log in. We will be improving this further.
  • Issues in new sheet addition and sheet switching while viewing an old version has been fixed.
  • Couple of issues in Link External Data has been fixed.
Friday, January 12, 2007

Link External Data:

  • You can now link dynamic CSV files available in a public URL to a cell range in your Zoho Sheet. Your Zoho Sheet will update itself automatically from the public CSV file.
  • You can then perform analysis or draw charts and publish charts or cell ranges which will also be up-to-date.
  • Use the 'Link External Data' option in the 'More Actions' menu and provide the public URL of the CSV data and specify the start cell from where you need to include the CSV data. It will automatically parse the CSV data and insert data into corresponding cells.
  • Warning: If there are more than couple of hundered of rows in the CSV data, then it might take some time to show up for the first time. We will be improving the performance in the future.

Commenting on a spreadsheet document:

  • You can now write comments on the spreadsheet as a whole. This is very useful when you are collaborating with other users and need to convey your thoughts and opinions related to the spreadsheet.
  • This is accessible via an icon on the bottom right of the spreadsheet.
  • We will bring in notifications and moderation in future releases.
  • And you would have observed that we already support inserting comments / notes on cells, which is accessible via the right click context menu.

Other New Features:

  • Semi-public spreadsheets:
    You can now specify not to list your spreadsheet under public sheets on our website when you publish them as public. This is useful when you don't want people other than those whom you share the link with to view your spreadsheet. Since this is not listed on our site, search engines cannot crawl and index the spreadsheet unless you post the link / embed the sheet on some public website.
  • Hyperlinks in spreadsheet:
    Hyperlinks are now supported in Zoho Sheet. It will automatically recogonize URLs and link them up automatically. You can also type a text in a cell and add an hyperlink to the whole text in the cell using the right click context menu. Hyperlink function is not yet supported.
  • Auto-versioning:
    Your spreadsheets will now be versioned automatically. The last 25 auto-versioned ones will be maintained in addition to the manually marked versions. Even if you forget to manually mark your version, it will be auto-versioned when a shared user, or the original user opens it again, makes changes and saves it.


  • The issue of borders not being drawn in IE has been fixed.
  • In the last update, RAND, RANDBETWEEN and TODAY functions were not being updated when reopened. This has been fixed now.
  • Issue in sheet name containing accented characters has been fixed.
  • Issue in auto insertion of rows during copy paste has been fixed.
  • Having & in formulas caused some issues while editing the cell again. This has been fixed now.
  • Cut pasting a formula cell did not remove the formula in the source cell. This has been fixed.
Thursday, November 30, 2006

Microsoft Office Plugin, APIs and Desktopize:

  • You can now work with your Zoho Sheet (and Zoho Writer) documents in Microsoft Office itself. Download the plugin now!
  • We have opened up our APIs for you to create nice interesting and useful mashups. For details on Zoho API, see the Zoho API developer guide. More granular APIs coming up soon.
  • Desktopize, our partner customized their offering for Zoho making our applications behave more like a desktop application. If you like desktop shortcuts, quick tray access, Drag-n-drop documents into Zoho apps, try out this application.


  • We now allow you to remove documents from your shared list if you are no longer interested in it.
  • Some issues in charts while exporting and importing spreadsheets have been fixed. There are still some small issues which we will be fixing up.
Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Undo / Redo has been supported upto 10 levels. Use the standard shortcuts Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y.
  • Performance improvements have been made. Now your sheets should load faster.
  • Print Preview now includes charts too. Changes have been done such that it will show only the current sheet.
  • You can now import a file to your account from a public URL too.
Monday, November 6, 2006


  • Fixed showing empty file list under My Sheets when any of the files contain special characters like a double quote in its name.
  • Fixed link to the spreadsheet in RSS feeds of public spreadsheets.
  • Some minor bug fixes.
Saturday, November 4, 2006


  • UTF-8 characters are now supported in spreadsheets and file names. So now spreadsheets in other languages like Japanese, Chinese, etc are supported.
  • We have moved Zoho Sheet to the Grid for better scalability and availability.
  • Scrolling of sheets in a workbook has been support.
  • Selecting a range of numbers will display the Sum value in our status bar at the bottom near the sheet tabs.
Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cell Borders:

  • Support for cell borders has been added. You can now format your spreadsheets the way you want.
  • Advanced options like border colors and border thickness will be supported in the future. However importing a spreadsheet with colored / thick borders will be shown as it is.

Publish Cell Ranges:

  • You can now publish specific cell ranges too. Just select the range, right click and select Publish this Range. You can also use the Publish menu for this purpose.
  • You will get an HTML code which you can paste it in any web page / blog / Zoho Writer document / Zoho Show slide.
  • This is a non-interactive read-only view of the range which will look like a normal HTML table fitting in well with the overall web page contents.
  • Everytime the published page is opened, you get the actual live data from Zoho Sheet.
Thursday, September 28, 2006

Version your spreadsheets:

  • We added the much needed ability to version your spreadsheets so that your old revisions are safe with you.
  • You need to specifically mark your versions. You can do it before sharing or before doing a major change. The shared user can also mark his version (if he has write access) after his changes.
  • The Mark as new version is accessible under the More Actions menu in the toolbar and under the Save drop down. Version History is available under More Actions.
  • You can view old versions, revert to an old version or delete an old version.

Fill series:

  • Fill series has been supported. You can either fill down or fill to the right.
  • To enter a vertical series of 1, 2, 3, etc you can just type 1 and then drag the small box at the bottom right of the selected cell while holding the Ctrl key. Without the Ctrl key it will paste the same value in all the dragged cells.
  • Similarly you can fill months like Jan, Feb, etc. and dates like Sep-27-2006, Sep-28-2006, etc.
  • The most important use is when you have a formula and you want to fill down similar formula for a range of cells.

Fixes and Enhancements:

  • Another important area we have worked upon is speeding up the loading time. This will be more visible when you import new files.
  • You can now export your sheets via just an URL. Just add "&export=xls" at the end of the permalink of your sheets - either private, public or files viewed through the quick read plugin. Supported export types include xls, sxc, csv, html and pdf.
  • New rows and columns will be added when you are on the last row / column and hit the enter / down / right keys
  • You can now Save to your account the sheets that you view from our excel viewer / quick read plugins / throwaway sheets. Use the Save to my account button.
  • We use the Yellow fade technique to highlight changes in dependent cells when a cell value changes. This caused an issue of background color of the dependent cells changing to white. We have fixed it now.
  • Some minor issues in sheet level sharing have been fixed.
Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Publish and Embed your spreadsheets:

  • You can now embed your spreadsheets into your website pages or blogs or even a Zoho Writer document or a Zoho Show slide. These are live spreadsheets, so changing the data in Zoho Sheet will automatically be reflected in the published pages.
  • Use the Publish button to make the spreadsheet public and embed it to any webpage. Please note this will make the document public and will also list it in www.zohosheet.com. However this is subject to change in the coming updates.
  • Copy the HTML snippet shown and paste it in your desired place.
  • We also have publishing cell ranges alone, coming up.

Share specific sheets:

  • You now have the option of sharing specific sheets in a workbook with other users.
  • You can even specify some sheets as read-only and some sheets as read-write for the users. You can also hide certain sheets.
  • This is in addition to sharing the whole document / workbook as such, which is the default.

Merge cells and Vertical alignment:

  • We now support horizontal cell merge. You can merge 2 or more cells horizontally by using the merge icon in the toolbar. You can also split merged cells by using the split icon in the extended toolbar.
  • Vertical alignment has been supported now. They are available in the extended toolbar.

Fixes and Enhancements:

  • Added Clear Formatting in right click menu which will clear the styles as well as the formatting like number, date, currencies, etc.
  • You can now copy cells and paste it on to a bigger target range. This will paste the cell content in each of the cells in the target range. This is very useful when you want to apply the same formula to a big range.
  • The Reply-To header of the email being sent out while sharing documents will now be set to the email address of the document owner. So the shared user can now directly reply to the auto-generated email.
  • Fixed issue in deleting large number of rows and columns.
  • Overlapping of text has been fixed in imported sheets when the content overflows to the next cell. To view the full content, you now need to resize / set the column width or merge with the next cell on the right if it is empty.
Sunday, August 20, 2006


  • Speeded up loading times while opening and switching between sheets. The first time there may not be any different, but subsequent load times should be faster. We will be improving the performance even more in the coming updates.
  • Previously the separator for arguments / parameters to a function was semi-colon. Now comma is also supported as the argument separator similar to MS Excel.
  • Previously you had to refer to cells in other sheets using the dot operator, for example: =Sheet1.C3. Now the ! operator is also supported as in MS Excel. So =Sheet1!C3 will also work.
  • Demo login will now show only recent 10 files. It will also open a Welcome sheet by default when you login. Use demo login only for testing or trial purposes.
Monday, July 17, 2006

Number and Date Formatting:

  • With number formatting, you can format your numbers and dates the way you want.
  • It will also automatically recogonize dates and numbers you type.
  • We will be adding more formats, especially currencies in the coming updates.


  • You can now select a range, right click and sort the data in the range.
  • Sorting can be done on any column and if there are any duplicate entries in that column, you can sort the values further by specifying 2 other columns in the range.
  • There is also an option to specify if the range contains an header so that it can be ignored.
  • Quick Sort buttons, A-Z and Z-A, are available on the toolbar, which will sort by the first column, either ascending or descending. Quick Sort is case insensitive. Headers should not be selected in the range for quick sort.
  • We know that Undo is missing and might be required immediately after a sort. We will support it in the coming update.

Insert Comments / Notes on cells:

  • You can now add comments to cells by right clicking on the cell and selecting the Insert Comment menu.
  • A comment is a piece of text which you can attach to a cell. Upon hovering the mouse over the cell, the comment gets displayed. Very useful to refer back later or to guide your users.
  • To edit or remove the comment, you can again use the right click menu.

Right click context menu:

  • We have added a Right click context menu to easily access the various operations.
  • Operations like Cut, Copy, Paste, Clear contents, Wrap, Insert and Delete Rows, Columns, Insert Comments, Sort, Column Width, Row Height, etc are available by right clicking on the cells or row and column headers.
  • The Cut, Copy and Paste available in the right click menu is only for copying and pasting within Zoho Sheet, either in the same document or across documents. To be able to copy to external applications like Notepad / Excel, use the Copy to Clipboard menu. However, the shortcut Ctrl+C can be used for both copying within Zoho Sheet as well as copying to external applications.

Column Width and Row Height:

  • You can now set the column width and row height using the right click option and specifying the value.
  • Width or Height for multiple columns or rows can also be set by selecting the required columns / rows and specifying the value as above.

Fixes and Enhancements:

  • Issue in typing on the formula bar and selecting another cell (without hitting enter / tab keys) not saving the value has been fixed.
  • Charts can now handle negative currencies too.
  • In 2D charts, the x-axis and y-axis title used to be misaligned. It has been fixed now.
  • Fixed email validation to allow signing up with .info mail aliases too.
  • In functions dialog, even after clicking on a function, the syntax will be shown for reference. There is also a description link beneath the syntax which explains more on the function.
  • Setting fonts and font sizes was very slow. We have improved the speed now.
  • Insert / Delete rows and columns are available in right click menu now. So the toolbar has been modified such that these actions are grouped and available under the plus and cross icons on the extreme right of the toolbar.
  • Session Timeout is set as 1 hour. So after 1 hour of inactivity, Zoho Sheet will automatically log you out. It won't affect you, if you keep editing or browsing Zoho Sheet with gaps of not more than 1 hour.
Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Insert Function:

  • We have added a Functions screen, which will list all the supported functions. We support more than 300 functions currently.
  • Use the Insert Function button fx on the toolbar to bring up the Functions screen.
  • You can insert functions by directly clicking on the function names. Hovering the mouse over the function will display the syntax at the bottom.
  • Nested functions can easily be created by placing the cursor at the desired position and using the Insert Function button.
  • When functions are entered in the formula field at the top, hit enter / tab key to save the value in the cell. We have an issue of the cell not saving when another cell is selected without hitting enter / tab key. We hope to fix it in the coming update.

Fixes and Enhancements:

  • Fixed issues in cell wrap
  • Fixed some issues related to insert rows at the end
Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Home page changes:

  • We have redesigned the home page to accomodate more useful content.
  • We have added some sample sheets and highlighted the new features.
  • We have also added an Online Excel Viewer and have linked to it from the home page.

Integration with Webtops - Pageflakes and Google:

  • Added a module for Pageflakes. Go to http://pageflakes.com/, click on Add Feed, Enter Feed and give the URL: http://zohosheet.com/pageflakes.html
  • Zoho Sheet module for Google personalized home page is available now. Add our Zoho Sheet module by following the links in Google personalized home page: Add content > Add by URL (near the Search button) and then giving the URL - http://zohosheet.com/google.xml


  • Copy Paste across sheets is supported now. It also maintains all the formula relatively while pasting. Use shortcuts Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for Copy and Paste.
  • Copy Paste will now insert rows / columns as necessary at the end.
  • The published URL of the chart will now be shown in the public sheet too, to allow other users to embed the chart elsewhere.
Friday, May 26, 2006

Publish Charts:

  • You can now publish charts and embed them on your webpage / blog / your Zoho Writer documents with just a single line of HTML code.
  • The published charts will always show the latest data. If you update the data in excel, the published chart will automatically change.
  • You can publish charts present in both private and public sheets. Only the owner of the document will have permission to publish the chart.
  • This option is available on the chart's title bar when you hover your mouse over the chart.

Fixes and Enhancements:

  • Insert or delete rows and columns will now update the dependent formulas automatically
  • Issue in cell wrapping a range fixed
  • Some more minor issues have been fixed
Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Insert Rows and Columns:

  • We have now added the most requested feature of inserting or deleting rows and columns. You can find icons for these actions on the toolbar.
  • While inserting rows in between, dependent formulas will be altered accordingly.
  • While deleting rows in between, dependent formulas are not altered currently. We will be fixing it soon.
  • You can now select continous columns or rows by dragging with the mouse or using the Shift key along with left mouse clicks.

Multiple Sheets Reordering:

  • The sheets in your document can now be rearranged by dragging the tabs around.

Import CSV and Save As:

  • CSV files can now be imported into Zoho Sheet in addition to MS Excel and OpenOffice Calc files.
  • We have now added a Save As option to save a copy of your spreadsheet and work on the copy.

Permanent URLs and Bookmarking:

  • Now each document has a permanent URL. You can open your Zoho Sheet documents into different browser tabs / windows by right clicking on the file name and selecting "Open in New Window" menu.
  • Yes, you can simultaneously edit any number of spreadsheet documents opening them in different browser tabs or windows.
  • You can also bookmark the individual files by right clicking on the file and selecting the "Bookmark this Link" / "Add to Favorites" menu.


  • You can now specify different fonts for your cells.
  • Font sizes can also be set.

Fixes and Enhancements:

  • Issues in editing cell content on the formula bar have been fixed.
  • Documents disappearing from the sidebar due to special characters in the file names has been fixed.
  • The content of the email message for shared documents has been enhanced.
  • Occassional Sign-up errors fixed.
Friday, April 21, 2006

Multiple Sheets:

  • We now support multiple sheets in the same document / workbook. You can insert as many charts as you wish.
  • You can even refer to values in other sheets and create formulas that depends on cells in other sheets in the document. For example to refer to cell A2 in Sheet1, you need to refer it as $Sheet1.$A2
  • Your already imported sheets will now show all the sheets, except for the graphs for which you need to reimport again.
  • Right now there are some limitations like you cannot draw a chart in 1 sheet referring to data on another sheet. We hope to support it soon.

Streamlined Interface:

  • We have AJAX-ified the whole interface so that the sheet loading is smoother and faster.
  • Improved toolbar layout for better organization.

Import and Export Excel with Charts:

  • Import Excel will also import the graphs now.
  • Export Excel will also export the graphs now to formats such as MS Excel, OpenOffice Calc and Adobe PDF.
  • Note: Export in public sheets / throwaway sheets doesn't export the graphs yet.

Fullscreen Extension for Firefox:

  • New Firefox extension to automatically go into Fullscreen mode whenever you visit zohosheet.com.
  • This will allow you to avail maximum screen space for your spreadsheet.
  • After logging in, use the "Fullscreen Hint" link at the top to install the extension.
  • Alternatively, without installing the extension, you can use the F11 hot-key of the browser to go to Fullscreen mode each time you visit Zoho Sheet.

Fixes and Enhancements:

  • Issue in not auto-saving when we keep on editing without a 1 min gap fixed.
  • Some issues in spreadsheet like tab key not navigating properly inside the sheet, cell range selection not confined to the sheet, etc fixed.
Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Throwaway Spreadsheet:

  • You can now quickly create a throwaway spreadsheet without even signing in and export it back to excel and save it on your hard drive.

Export to PDF, SXC and CSV:

  • Export your spreadsheets to PDF, SXC (OpenOffice) and CSV formats in addition to XLS and HTML already present.

... and some minor changes
Friday, March 31, 2006

Graphs / Charts:

  • You can now quickly draw graphs / charts to analyze your data in your Zoho Sheets. Column, Bar, Pie and Line graphs are supported. Just select the data range and hit the graph icon. No complex questions asked to configure graphs.

New Toolbar functions - Cell Wrap and Print Preview:

  • Cell Wrap:
    Apply cell wrap to the cells to fit the content inside the cell. No more overlapping of text.
  • Print Preview:
    You can now print your spreadsheets by clicking on the Print Preview icon in the toolbar, which will open the print preview in a new window. You have then use the Print button in your browser's toolbar / menu to print the spreadsheet.
  • New Icons:
    The toolbar buttons for Create, Import, Save and Export have been changed to nice icons to accommodate other functions on the toolbar.

URL APIs to view excel files online:

  • You can now view through your browser, any excel file / openoffice calc files residing on your servers via Zoho Sheet. No need to have MS Excel installed on your machines to just view an excel. Use the following REST APIs:

    For viewing a remote spreadsheet, use the following URL API:

    For saving a remote spreadsheet to your zoho sheet account, use the following URL API:

    Replace the http://thelinktoyourspreadsheet.xls with the URL of your spreadsheet.

Auto Save:

  • Your spreadsheets are now automatically saved every 1 minute. You will also notice that the Save icon will be disabled when the sheet is saved. It will come back to life as soon as you edit any cell indicating that the sheet has to be saved.

Empty Trash:

  • You can now empty all files in your Trash by clicking on the Trash view and then clicking on the "Empty" link. It will prompt for a confirmation.
Friday, March 10, 2006


  • Now you can set dollar currency and percentage formats to your cells.
  • You can even type in $100 and it will automatically recogonize it as a dollar currency format.

Clone Public Sheets:

  • You can clone public sheets into your account. Useful if you like a public sheet and want to modify on it and have it in your account.

RSS Feeds:

  • You can subscribe to RSS feeds of public sheets or sheets with a particular tag.
  • We support RSS 2.0

Confirm Save:

  • Now we will prompt you to save the sheet, if you navigate away from the sheet without saving it.
February 2006

Create and Manage Spreadsheets Online:

  • You can Create, Store, Access and Manage your Spreadsheets Online.
  • You can use the demo login to create your temporary sheets. All sheets created in the demo account are public by default. They might be deleted after a few days. You can signup for free to have your own personal workspace.


  • Stop worrying about re-doing all your existing valuable spreadsheets. We have an import functionality just for you.
  • Import your Excel as well as your OpenOffice spreadsheets.


  • Data is always yours! Yes, you can export your zoho sheets to Excel / HTML formats.


  • Comprehensive support for almost all excel forumulas like math, trignometric, date & time, statistical, logical, etc.
  • Note that all formula's start with an '=' sign.
  • For AutoSum, you can just select the range and hit the Sum (sigma) button to calculate the sum of the selected cells.


  • Text: Bold, Italics, Underline
  • Colors: Cell Text color, Cell Background color
  • Alignment: Right, Center, Left Justification.

Spreadsheet editor:

  • Multi Cell(Range) Selection:
    You can select multiple cells/Range using mouse drag or keyboard arrow keys along with the Shift key.
    You can multiselect cells and apply formatting / colors / delete data in cells.
  • Resize:
    Columns and Rows can be resized to format your data better.
  • ShortCuts:
    Save your time by using the following standard keyboard shortcuts.
    Save - Ctrl+S
    Copy - Ctrl+C
    Cut - Ctrl+X
    Paste - Ctrl+V
    Bold - Ctrl+B
    Italics - Ctrl+I
    Underline - Ctrl+U


  • From External Sources:
    Copy from external sources such as your Excel or a HTML table in a webpage and paste(Ctrl+V) it in your zoho sheet by selecting a start cell.
  • Within Zoho Sheet:
    Select a range/cell in the currently opened zoho sheet and Copy/Cut-Paste it on to a different cell
    Formulas automatically changes relatively while copying. Very useful when you want to apply similar formula for multiple cells.
  • From Zoho Sheet:
    Yes, data is always yours! Select a range/cell and you can copy(Ctrl+C) your valuable data from zoho sheet and paste(Ctrl+V) it on your external source.

Tagging and Search:

  • You can attach tags (keywords) to each document for organizing your spreadsheets better. Tagging makes life easier while searching for your valuable sheets. You can add tags one at a time, or several at a time by separating them with spaces.
  • Popular Tags are available as a Tag Cloud for your personal sheets as well as public documents. For simplicity, as a rule, the tags in the tag cloud are arranged alphabetically while size of the text represents its popularity.
  • Search is just a click away. Type the word you want to search for and it lists you the documents tagged with the specified search query.
  • File names are automatically added as tags when you save them.

Sharing and Collaboration:

  • Share your spreadsheets with your friends and also control the access levels to them.
  • Document will be locked for editing when multiple people try to edit at the same time.
  • Spreadsheet document can be published as a public doc for the whole world to see. Each has its own URL through which it can be accessed.
  • Search and explore public documents by tags and copy them to your account if you like them.

Lots more to come. If you would like to see any specific feature in zoho sheet, kindly drop us a mail at support@zohosheet.com.

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